About Us

At Amaze Room Escape, you’re sure to enjoy a unique and challenging experience! We are a family owned and operated business located on Gresham Lake Road in Raleigh. We provide a mental and physical adventure in themed rooms where players use clues and strategy to solve a series of problems and riddles to accomplish their objective before time runs out. Escape rooms are a global sensation and can range in themes, intensity, and physical activity.

A Challenge For Everyone Right Here In Raleigh

We offer three thrilling rooms: The Mysterious Room, Prison Break, and Escape From The Black And White. Players must cooperate with each other to uncover the meanings behind hints and clues, and develop strategies to solve the mystery within 60 minutes. While we hope you finish in the hour, everyone still has a good time even if they do not! We will still let you out. The point of this is to have fun!

Allow for at least 90 minutes for your reservation. This includes 15 minutes prior to starting to explain the rules, and another 15 minutes after playing to debrief and take pictures to hold onto your special memories.

Reservations are necessary to ensure you have a spot. But if you’re looking for a fun time for a group of people, then look no further than Amaze Room Escape!

Hosting Your Event

From team building to birthday parties to get-togethers, Amaze Room Escape is a fun way to bring people of all ages together! No need to worry about rooms being too scary. We do not have actors jump out and grab people. In fact, it is a fun time everyone in the family can enjoy! Our rooms build suspense and provoke thought, and make you feel like you’re on a high-stakes adventure! Please visit our FAQ page to learn more about our age requirements.

We offer private booking and can accommodate large groups. Please contact us at 984-201-0224 or email us at Amazeroomescape@gmail.com and tell us more about your group size and what kind of event you are hosting so we can help you plan! While we do offer private bookings outside of our business hours we do ask for at least a week’s notice, as well as what day and time you are planning on booking, so we can accommodate your needs.

We also provide corporate team building right here in Raleigh! Escape rooms can replicate real-world, high-stakes risks that are common in corporate settings. They give managers a chance to see how team members communicate, handle conflict, and work together for a common goal. The simulation can also spark fruitful discussion during debriefs so team members and reflect on the experience and share what they learned. Escape from traditional forms of team-building and reserve your spot with us today!