Escape Room in Durham

One of the many ways to have fun in the Durham, NC area is to grab your kids, co-workers or friends and take part in an interactive, global phenomenon.

What Is An Escape Room?

Escape Room

This form of entertainment is trending worldwide. Participants are given a series of puzzles or riddles that they solve using various clues in an effort to figure out an overarching mystery or challenge and all within a time limit. These rooms are elaborately decorated, can vary in lighting and ambiance, and sometimes have actors working as characters in them. Some are family-friendly while others are geared more for adults. In spite of their various themes, most escape rooms have similar types of rules, such as to not touch props or anything used in the scenic design of the rooms. A game master follows the group to ensure that players are having a good time.

Fortunately, people in the greater Raleigh area and surrounding communities can experience a variety of escape rooms. Escape rooms cater to a wide audience with an array of themes, degrees of difficulty and various guest capacities per room.

About Our Escape Rooms

The great thing about this escape room craze is that there is one near the Durham, NC area! Amaze Room Escapes has three rooms:

  1. The Mysterious Room: this is based on a jewel heist and capturing a priceless necklace from the treasure hunter, Dr. Alexander. Lots of twists and turns await!
  1. Escape From The Black And White: This escape room is more psychological and deals with memories, connecting the past to the present, and making choices that have big consequences.  Your future destiny is in your hands!
  1. Prison Break: You’ve been captured by a rebel army and your execution looms in the next 60 minutes unless you and your brothers/sisters in arms can save yourselves. Can you evade your enemies and change your outcome?

For all of our rooms, you have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle and escape the room. Be sure to allocate an extra half hour to your visit — fifteen minutes prior to your playtime to go over the rules and guidelines and 15 minutes afterward for debriefing and a group picture.

Can I Host A Party There?

Definitely! Skip prepping the entire house and let us do all the work. Our rooms combined can accommodate up to 26 people and a lot of our groups use this to plan-friendly competitions between teams, or groups can play two to three different games and compare which was the most fun. So there are a lot of ways we can accommodate and personalize your experience.

Reservations are needed and you can book directly online on our website  You can also book over the phone with us if you prefer. Just give us a call at 984-201-0224 or email us.  We are available to answer any questions as well!

Ages 8+

Because our rooms are more suspenseful than scary, they’re great for kids and adults alike.

Kids ages 8-12  will need an adult over 18 with them in the room. Participants ages 13-17 can play without an adult but we prefer there is at least one adult who remains on site. Children under 8 are free but parents must be mindful that the rooms are not designed for children this young. However, we leave it to your discretion if you want your children to participate. If you do have children under 8 please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.

How Much Time To Plan

As mentioned above — and we can’t stress this enough — please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your game time. Arriving late can limit your playing time, or you might not be guaranteed entry. This time is vital for our staff to go over our rules, answer any questions while making sure everyone is ready to start their fun and challenging escape experience.  Adult chaperones will also be privy to the rules so they can assist us in keeping the experience safe and fun! We always appreciate their support in helping our younger players.

Then also expect another 15 minutes afterward to go over what happened and to smile for the camera! Because our goal is for everyone to have a great experience, we will let you out if you don’t finish on time and still take your picture.

What About A Corporate or Team Building Event?

Team Building in escape rooms

Yes; in fact, escape rooms are great locations to host team-building events. Rather than gather everyone in a conference room or choosing other more traditional team-building exercises, an escape room brings out the best in groups! Friendly team competition, collaboration, and communication are just a few skills you will use as a team.  You will also experience a ton of fun, engagement, and learn more about your co-workers in a neutral environment. It’s all about the “team” and participants truly get immersed and fully engaged when they know what is at stake – escaping the room!

Whether you are a large corporation or small business integrating new hires or a departmental staff switch, Amaze Room Escapes provides a dynamic blend of fun and challenge that will help you and your colleagues to get to know what each other’s strengths and weaknesses and give you all a chance to display your special talents.  As we mentioned above, effective communication and delegation is key to group problem-solving. But what’s great is that it’s fun, immersive, and feels real. When participants are faced with having to solve the challenge within 60 minutes, they will be encouraged to cooperate and support each other.

The benefit to managers is that you can observe real, genuine reactions from team members that can be highly informative. Again, it’s hard to get into character in a board room. In an escape room, there is no hierarchy, so someone who is typically shyer might show a natural knack for solving problems. Or you may find that one person overpowers the group. Managers will also learn about their team members’ core values through their decision-making.

There are a variety of ways to set up the rooms for your group. Each of our three rooms has a different guest capacity levels, but all three combined can accommodate 26 participants at the same time. We do limit ticket sales to maintain a good engagement level so people don’t feel tightly squeezed in the rooms.  If groups are larger than 26 and you need several sessions scheduled either the same day or other days of the week, we can easily customize the day/start time that works best with your schedule. You can reserve one, two, or all three rooms. Contact us today or visit our website  And of course, feel free to call us at (984) 200-3402 — we are here to help!

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