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We all want to occasionally step out of the routines of our lives and try something fun, interesting, and stimulating. Escape rooms are a way of fulfilling our need to exercise our brains, bond with friends or coworkers, and have a good time doing something that most of us will never get a chance to try in real life. Amaze Room Escapes offers three exciting escape scenarios that you can choose from. You and your group can test your skills at attempting a successful jewel heist, or making a break from your execution while being held in a POW prison, or even escape from the confusion and chaos in the world of a famous musician! When planning your visit to an escape room, it is always helpful to know the variety and themes of the puzzles being offered.

History of Escape Rooms

The concept of escape rooms came from a video game. It was an early computer game called “Behind Closed Doors” in which players found themselves trapped in a bathroom. Eventually, the mysteries of games offered players the opportunity to solve puzzles by answering questions to unlock clues. Then, in 2004, the video game Crimson Room came along. The game required players to escape from a room by asking questions of various characters and solving puzzles. The first physical escape room emerged in 2007 in Japan. It was the brainchild of a company called SCRAP, and the trend spread through Asia and then Europe. Today it is a fast-growing phenomenon in the United States. It makes for a fun and reasonably priced outing that can make life long memories for all! Our rooms at Amaze Room Escapes are unique and full of intrigue coupled by a healthy dose of stimulating fun too!

Choosing a Room

mistery room

Our rooms are fun and challenging with group sizes ranging from two to eight. Larger groups can easily be accommodated by reserving multiple rooms. Always feel free to call us at 984-200-3402 or email us at to learn about planning larger group events. Our website has great information available to learn more about our rooms, themes, accommodations, and more. You can book directly online using our BOOK NOW button to reserve your event or if you prefer, you can book over the phone with us at 984-200-3402.

We are very family-oriented and participants between 8 and 12 years of age are more than welcome but will need to be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age.

Our Mysterious Room is based on a jewel heist and you are the thieves! You and your group have successfully broken into a world-famous treasure hunter’s study who goes by the name of Doctor Alexander! But lo and behold: you have been caught! Your group has 60 minutes to evade Doctor Alexander and all his tricks, obtain the priceless necklace or face alarming consequences!

Prison Break puts you smack in the middle of a POW prison with your execution scheduled in the next 60 minutes! You and your brothers in arms must work together to solve the clues a secret agent has left for you to try to escape your execution or face a menacing outcome!

Escape from the Black and White is based on your life as Simon. You are a famous musician whose world has turned into chaos and confusion. You have 60 minutes to retrace your past to connect to the present or risk everything in your life that matters! This is quite the dramatic story and the challenge is yours for the taking!

The Benefits of an Escape Room

Nothing utilizes teamwork like a group of coworkers trying to solve a thought-provoking puzzle.

If you own or manage a business, our rooms can be a great way of getting to know your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Is there one person to whom the others tend to gravitate as a leader? If so, that person might be a good supervisor. Is there another person who is good at solving riddles and puzzles? They might be right for an analytical type of job. Escape rooms let you observe how people solve problems and interact with one another. It is always a terrific way to see your coworkers in an environment outside of the office. Finally, team building events boost morale, productivity, and reduces turnover. Let the games begin — book your escape adventure today!

We love being a part of special celebrations such as birthdays, engagements, bachelorette/bachelor parties, friends night out, and any excuse for getting together with family and friends. Families can bond and get to know each other better as they work side by side to solve a problem. Friends put their puzzle-solving skills to work and take their teamwork to new heights! Whatever event you are celebrating, we provide an exceptional experience that will be sure to be remembered for years to come. Looking for that something different? You found it at Amaze Room Escapes! We are a family-owned business and are delighted to be a part of your special event.

quest room

What to Expect

Reservations are needed to book your event and it is recommended to book well in advance as our rooms are very popular. You can make your reservation directly from our website using our BOOK NOW button. If you prefer you can call us at 984-200-3402 and book over the phone with us.

If you have a party of more than eight people, one option is reserving multiple rooms and we can work with you so they start at the same time. Our FAQ also answers questions for groups larger than 8 who want to be in the same room and overall room capacities. There are many options available and we are happy to work with you to accommodate what works best for you and the best room or rooms for your group when making your reservations.

Upon making your reservation, you will be sent an email confirmation asking you to arrive at Amaze Room Escape in Raleigh about 15 minutes before your reservation time. You will be given instructions for the game and the game master will be available for any general questions as well.

Tips for a Successful Game

First and foremost have fun! Our puzzles are designed with a blend of fun and challenge which is a winning combination. Be observant, communicate with each other, share ideas and clues along the way. Collaborate and brainstorm together to solve a puzzle piece and keep communicating. Our rooms are built for brain power so you never need to force your way into doors or locks. If a key doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. If a table is hard to budge, don’t try to move it.

Are Escape Rooms Safe?

Safety is always our number one priority. Our rooms are designed with safety first and our game masters will always monitor your actions and progress via our cameras and are always available should you have general questions. We are here to provide you with a fun, safe and challenging environment and experience.

Whether you want to spend the day getting away from it all or find out how it all works together, our Escape Rooms in Raleigh are exciting, fun and provide a unique experience that can liven up any party event or office field trip.

Are you up for the challenge? Bring your A-game and unlock the power of your brain, teamwork, and watch what happens!

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