Escape Room Chapel Hill

Are you up for the challenge? Escape rooms are a unique blend of puzzle-solving, teamwork, and a bit of intrigue as you immerse yourself in a live interactive puzzle! Looking for that something different that everyone can participate in? You found it! Whether you are planning a birthday celebration, team building, family reunion, or any other occasion, an escape room is your answer! 

What can an escape room do for you?

You are immersed for 60 minutes with your group to solve a puzzle. This experience truly brings out competitive spirits, collaboration skills, and brainpower while packed with loads of fun. Want to drop your cell phones and all outside distractions for an hour? Our escape rooms provide an exceptional experience and it’s an easy drive from Chapel Hill, NC to our Raleigh NC location.

An escape room is ideal for birthdays of all ages! Don’t have time to plan a birthday or struggling with what to do? We got you covered! We are very family-friendly and are delighted to be a part of special birthday celebrations. 

Looking to plan a team-building event for your co-workers? Did you know that productivity and workplace engagement increase when activities are planned outside of your office? We know how important both are to the success of any business and employee morale. An escape room is an outstanding choice where all can participate and they are reasonably priced, so it doesn’t break your budget.

Got another event coming up? Anniversary? Family reunion? Batchelorette/Batchelor party? Date night? Friends night out? You name the occasion, and an escape room will provide the WOW factor!

Making your reservation is easy! You can book directly online at or if you prefer you can call us at 984-200-3402. Whichever is most convenient for you. You definitely want to make a reservation so you are guaranteed the day/time/event that you want. In addition, our staffing is also based on our booking schedule.

Amaze Room Escape Themed Rooms

We have three fun, challenging and unique puzzle rooms to choose from. All rooms are original to Amaze Room Escapes coupled with outstanding gamemasters to host your event.

The Mysterious Room

The infamous treasure hunter, Doctor Alexander, has acquired a priceless necklace and your group of notorious high-end jewel thieves want it! You broke into his study but are surprised to learn he’s found you! You have 60 minutes to evade Dr. Alexander, capture the priceless necklace or face menacing consequences! (participants range from 4-8)

Prison Break

You and your brothers/sisters in arms have been captured by a rebel army! Your execution is scheduled in the next 60 minutes. A secret agent inside the prison has left you clues to break out and avoid your execution, but you must work smart under pressure to escape your bitter demise! (participants range from 4-8)

Escape from the Black and White

A tragic accident has left Simon, a famous musician, in a world of chaos and confusion. As Simon, you must learn to retrace your past to connect to the present or risk everything in your life that matters! Are you up for the challenge? (participants range from 3-4)

What can I expect?

Our escape rooms provide a terrific alternative to the ho-hum get-togethers, such as dinner and a movie. With our location conveniently located to serve the Chapel Hill community, your group will have something to get excited about that is outside of the box. We ask all of our guests to arrive 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled start time. The purpose of this is to meet all of you and get you introduced to your gamemaster. ( we love people!) Your gamemaster will go over some basic rules, answer any general questions you have, and get you into your puzzle room at your designated start time. 

Your gamemaster will host your escape event and observing your group via video. This is not recorded. It simply gives us a lens to know how your group is progressing and enables us to give appropriate clues and guidance. 

If you escape the room within your 60 minutes: ROCKSTAR STATUS!! If you do not escape, you are still rockstars for the effort!! Your gamemaster will go into your room and walk through the remaining parts of the puzzle to put it all together for you. It is important to us to provide this to you so you can see how the puzzle all works together.

We then top it off with a group photo! Whether you escape the room or not, what is important is that you faced your challenge, worked as a team,kept going and share a few laughs along the way! Your photo is a great reminder of your special time together!

Events we can host for you

As we mentioned previously, we are here to help you create a memorable experience for all occasions! Our 3 rooms collectively can accommodate up to 26 guests. We also have private bookings available and can customize a specific day/time that works best for you. Leave the details to us! Simply book online at or call us at 984-200-3402 as we are here to help you plan any way we can. Our FAQ section on our home page also has helpful information available.

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