Frequently Asked Questions

It is an action packed and immersive experience that involves teamwork, communication and some good old fashioned brain power! You will work together to use elements of the room to escape within 60 minutes.
Do you enjoy a challenge? Love puzzles? Enjoy solving clues? Need something outside of the norm to do? Then our escape room experience is your answer!

Our escape rates vary with the room you choose to do. Some escape and some don't - but everyone has a good time! If you don't escape within the hour, we will let you out so no worries!

Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation so we can explain rules and get everyone in on time. Afterwards, allow 15 minutes to debrief and take pictures. So total time 90 minutes.

Nope! The rooms are intended to be suspenseful, intriguing and thought provoking. There is no intent to frighten or spook anyone.

Communication is very important!
Please call us at 984-200-3402 if you are running late and cannot arrive 15 minutes before your game begins. Arriving late may decrease your playing time and/or not guarantee your entry.

We are super family friendly! Children ages 8-12 are always welcome and will need to be accompanied by an adult. Kids under 8 are free while being accompanied by an adult but keep in mind these games are not designed for this age range but will leave it to the discretion of mom and dad, etc. Ages 12-17 can play unaccompanied but we highly advise a parent staying on site. Ages 18+ are good to go!

Escape from the Black and White 2-4 (private party 5)
Prison Break 2-6 (private party 9)
Mysterious Room 2-8 ( private party 11)

This is when you purchase all tickets for that game time. When booking for a private party, we can accommodate more players We host many team building events, birthdays, friend and family outings and many other special occasions
Please give us a call at 984-200-3402 or email us at: regarding your group size. We can help you make these special events even more special! All tickets not purchased online ( over maximum showing on website) will be paid for upon arrival but we need to know in advance.

Timing is everything - or not!
If you need to schedule your event on a day or time outside of our normal business hours, please call us a week in advance so you can let us know what day/time works best for you. We are very customer focused and with enough "heads up" we can work together to accommodate your request.

YES! Our 3 puzzle rooms combined can accommodate 26 people. We do put a limit on total ticket sales because we want everyone to have an amazing experience and stuffing too many people in a room (s) is not good for anybody. Many of our large groups utilize 2-3 rooms and have a friendly competition between the rooms and some play 2 games and see who had the best escape times! Lots of ways to slice and dice what you need and we can even coordinate start times for you! Just give us a call at 984-200-3402 or email us at:

If you find you have other friends that want to join you, give us a call at 984-200-3402 prior to your game time. This way, we can confirm availability and don't exceed game capacity.

Walk ins are always welcomed BUT there is no guarantee of availability. So, best advice, book online and save drive time and gas!
You can always call us at 984-200 3402 or email us at: as we are available for questions of all kinds!
Calling us to book a game ( if you don't have computer access, etc ) is OK and full payment with credit or debit card will be needed.

The easiest and best way to reserve your game is booking online on our website: 99% of our bookings are done online - right from the convenience of your home, office, etc.

Life happens so we will do our best to accommodate you but online bookings always take priority.
How much is it? How do I pay?
Each game is $25.00 per person plus applicable sales tax.
Bookings are paid online at the time of booking. This guarantee is the day/time you want and is the easiest and most convenient way to pay. If you need to discuss other payment options, please give us a call at 984-200-3402.

All sales are final. If you need to reschedule please notify us no later than 24 hours prior to your game time. You can call us a 984-200-3402.

Yes - you can purchase gift certificates on our website: Want to spice up someone's daily routine? Drop the cell phone for an hour? Surprise them with something new to do? We got you covered!

You know what to do! Email us at: or call us at 984-200-3402.

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