Team Building

Escape From Traditional Forms of Team Building

Tired of team-building exercises in the conference room where participants give lackluster energy out of obligation? Then look no further! Amaze Room Escapes provides corporate team building right here in Raleigh! Escape rooms are becoming more popular team building trend in business. Players must cooperate with each other in order to uncover hidden meanings behind clues, hints, and riddles before progressing into the next part of their objective. Additionally, Amaze Room Escape can replicate the often adrenaline-fueled, high-stakes moments in real life where cooperation is critical to success.

Suitable for All Types of Team Building Goals

Escape rooms are a new way corporations are building trust among their employees. This is especially important when bringing on new hires or building a new team from existing employees. When team members enter Amaze Room Escape, they have a common goal and are reliant on each other to achieve it. The challenges help new members learn how others set goals and handle conflicts, which can give vital information about how to move forward in setting and reaching real-world goals. Shy or reluctant team members have no opportunity to hide in a corner or play on their phones. Everyone is engaged!

But Amaze Room Escape can also invigorate existing teams whose relationships have gone stale after months or years of the same routines. No matter how long employees have worked with each other, a boost of fresh energy to a team increases productivity, appreciation, and a sense of unity among members.

More Effective in Building Cohesion Within Your Organization

Amaze Room Escape provides team building activities in Raleigh for all types of companies, cultures, and goals. By getting rid of hierarchies, such as titles or ranks, employees can form more genuine connections as they contribute to developing problem-solving effective strategies. Because everyone is on an equal playing field, team members will feel more inclined to giving ideas and stepping up, which helps to bring out hidden talents you may not have known existed within your team members! Different employees’ talents have an opportunity to shine, developing an appreciation for colleagues, and building bridges of understanding between them.

A session at Amaze Room Escape is more than just escaping the office for a few hours. The challenges are much more fun and engaging that typical training sessions in board rooms where employees participate out of obligation. Escape rooms provide a social setting that can be followed-up with lunch, giving players an opportunity to expand the socializing they enjoyed while in the escape rooms. Typical networking activities, such as mixers or luncheons, are based on talking, which can discourage team members from talking to people in different departments or levels of the organization’s hierarchy. Amaze Room Escape is a much more unique and effective solution to getting your team to reach out and connect with others in your company or organization, and even discover talents that can benefit your organization that would not have come up naturally in conversation.

Identify Areas of Opportunities and Weaknesses

Escape rooms also provide an opportunity to identify areas of opportunities for growth among team members by showing who in your team may not have strong problem-solving skills, is willingly passive, or even willingly aggressive. The suspense-building challenges in our rooms allow for unique traits to be seen in a faux-high-stakes environment. By understanding group dynamics much more, you can easily identify who in your department brings down the team and overall productivity, and be able to effectively address those issues. Or, you might find that some team members could benefit from additional training or opportunities to build confidence and speak up in a corporate setting. Lastly, conflict can arise while in escape rooms, and leaders can learn a lot from watching how team members work under pressure. Learning where weaknesses lie and how to address them is just as important as knowing who your strongest team members are.

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