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If you are looking for a fun, interactive and immersive way to bond with coworkers, create a memorable experience with family members, or treat your friends to a unique birthday celebration, or any reason to get the gang together, Amaze Room Escapes is your answer! The Wake Forest area is one of the areas we serve. At Amaze Room Escapes you will be introduced to three different escape room puzzles each with their own twists and turns. The object of the group is to actively work together to solve the puzzle within 60 minutes. The price per person is $25.00 plus tax so total per person would be $26.81.

Our escape rooms have several different themes, so check out our website to learn more about the themes. You will find a brief description of each room as well as a short video clip. You then can book your reservation right online using our BOOK NOW button — easy and convenient! If you prefer, you can call us at 984-200-3402 and book directly with us over the phone. We have rooms that can be enjoyed by everyone as well as rooms that require a keen intellect to flee. Whatever the skill level, experience, or age ranges of your group, you are certain to find the room(s) that will meet your needs at Amaze Room Escapes!

The Mysterious Room 

This room is designed around the infamous treasure hunter Doctor Alexander. He has acquired a priceless necklace and your group of high-end jewel thieves want it! You have successfully broken into his study, but much to your dismay, you hear the menacing voice of Doctor Alexander! Caught in a web of surprise and intrigue, you must solve the puzzle to capture the necklace, evade Doctor Alexander, or face menacing consequences. Minimum participation is four and can accommodate up to eight. (For larger parties, please refer to our FAQ.) Difficulty rating: 5/5.

Prison BreakPrison Break

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a prisoner of war? This inventive escape room casts you and your team as a group of POWs who have been captured and incarcerated by enemy forces. Although the U.S. Government tried to help you, they were not successful. So, your life is now in your hands to save yourself and your brothers/sisters in arms from your imminent execution. Minimum participation is four and can accommodate up to eight. (For larger parties, please refer to our FAQ.) Difficulty rating: 4/5.

Escape from the Black and White 

If you and your group prefer something a bit more surrealistic, you want to try this imaginatively-designed escape room. You will take on the persona of Simon, a pianist whose life has turned into a world of chaos and confusion. Like Simon, you must retrace the past to connect to the present or risk everything in your life that matters – quite the dramatic story about to unfold. Are you up for the challenge? Minimum participation is three and can accommodate up to four.  (For larger parties, please refer to our FAQ.) Difficulty rating: 5/5.

History of Escape Rooms 

The concept of escape rooms began in 2004 with a video game called Crimson Room. 

Players were asked to solve mysteries by asking questions about the game’s characters. In 2007 SCRAP, a company based in Japan took the concept of the game and designed the first escape rooms. Teams of players would work together to find their way out of various rooms. Each room had a certain theme, and sometimes, players are assigned characters to play. The rooms became popular in the rest of Asia and then in Europe and now in America. Today, they are one of the most popular and unique experiences for all occasions.

What Escape Rooms can do for You

If you own a small company, or if you are in charge of a department of a large company, knowing what work to assign to what workers can be a daunting task. Observing your employees as they work together to solve a mystery can be a great way to understand their strengths and weaknesses. If one person organizes their team members and assigns them tasks, they may make a good manager. If someone figures out how to get out of the room through the process of elimination, they may be good with numbers. If a worker gets into their character, they may be natural for sales or public relations. You have the opportunity to observe how people think and how cooperative they are. In addition, this gives your team a way to experience their coworkers outside of the office. This is a terrific way to connect with each other in a different atmosphere which can be very rewarding. Retaining team members is vital to any organization and an escape room experience can help build company loyalty and engagement. Playing a game with any person can be a strong bonding experience as you learn even more about each other.

If you are hosting a party for any occasion — birthday, anniversary, graduation, bachelor/bachelorette, or just for fun, and book an escape event, you will create a fun and exhilarating experience your guests will be talking about for weeks. something different to do!

Are Your Escape Rooms Safe?

In spite of the fact that you and your team may be stealing jewels, fighting enemy governments, and tripping through an artist’s memory bands, you will be perfectly safe. A game master will be hosting your event and will be watching you and your team on our cameras the entire time you are there. They will provide hints as well as answer any general questions you may have as well. We are your hosts and we are here to provide you a safe, fun, exciting and challenging experience for all!  You always want to exercise common sense, of course, but an escape room is safer than an amusement park or natural area.

Tips for a Successful Game

There are a few tips that you and your team can use when finding your way out of an escape room. When you first enter the room, you want to split up and look for clues. You want to take a good look around the room for a consistent theme in the decor, everyday objects that could reveal a clue, and communicate what you find along the way with the greater group. For example, if there are a lot of clocks in the room, you may want to look behind the clocks for messages or a pattern of sorts. Never force anything open and never try to pick up or turn over anything that is nailed down.

No matter the reason you visit our escape rooms or with whom you visit, you are sure to have a fantastic time. Be sure to book well in advance because our facility is very popular. Be sure to have everyone arrive about 15 minutes in advance, so you can start right on time. A member of our well-trained staff will be there to greet you when you arrive.

Realizing you can escape the room is empowering! The power of people working together toward a common goal is amazing! Come and experience the power of YOU!  Are you up for the challenge?

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